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Carlisle Country Club

A History
1924 – Present

By Karen Shughart

It has survived hurricanes, floods and tornadoes, an 18-wheeler on the golf course and an emergency landing of a hot air balloon. Arnold Palmer reputedly slept here, and Governor William Scranton was an honorary member. 

Women consistently have had equal rights on the golf course, and our diverse membership has 
always included people from many ethnic, religious and racial backgrounds.

Since 1924, Carlisle Country Club has been a haven for those eager to experience outstanding golfing opportunities, friendly and open camaraderie, exciting family and 
social events and respite from the hectic pace of life. 

Here's how it started.

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Charlie Stringfellow Interview 

Enjoy a trip down memory lane with Carlisle's most celebrated golfer and ambassador of the game for over sixty years, Charlie Stringfellow! Charlie is an absolute icon!